Car Hid Ballast 100W

Car Hid Ballast 100W

Model No: FSH 100W
Voltage: DC9-24V
Power: 100W
Single beam
Working Life: 5000hrs

Product Details

Model No: FSH 100W

*Voltage: DC9-24V

*Power: 100W

*Single beam

*Working Life: 5000hrs

*Color Temperature: 3000k~30000k


*IP Rate: IP68

*Warranty 24 Months

Car hid ballast 100w hid kit reliable quality reasonable price,the material for Bi - beam lamp are designed to endure temperature up to 300°c,Xenon bulbs' key technical parameters,this slim hid xenon headlights for car through shockproof , waterproof and dustproof test,intelligent digital circuits, twice aging test before packing.


1.Super power, higher brightness

2.See farther  see wider  see better

3.intelligent start, no impact on light bulb

4.Long service life


Super brightness:

The brightness and amount of light are increased by 300% compared to halogen tungsten lamps, which makes the range of illumination more wide.

Good color temperature:

It is close to natural light, which makes our eyes feel comfortable and also helps indirect safe driving.

Quick Start:

From start-up to full light, the halogen lamp takes about 15 minutes, while the HID lamp starts less than 0.1 second and can reach 90% of its total light in 2-3 seconds.

Long use time:

In fact, the life of a light bulb is equal to the life of a car. It is much higher than the total number of hours of a normal night car, which means that the lamp needs to be replaced only in special circumstances.