Xenon Super Hid Conversion Kit H7

Xenon Super Hid Conversion Kit H7

Model No: FSH 06k
Voltage: DC9-18V
Power: 55W
High/Low beam
quick start

Product Details

Model No: FSH 06k

*Voltage: DC9-18V

*Power: 55W

*High/Low beam

*quick start

*Working Life: 5000hrs

*Color Temperature: 3000k~30000k


*IP Rate: IP68

*Warranty 24 Months

FSH06k hid car light bulbs,ballast constant output, safe and reliable: when the car's power supply system and battery failure, the ballast automatically shut down, stop working. car hid bulb kit 55w hb4 6000k,low power consumption, greatly reduce the burden on the automotive power system, improve the vehicle performance accordingly.


1.Long service life

2.ballast type :regular size design

3.See farther  see wider  see better

4.quick start

5.Low power consumption.

6.Prevent glare when cars meet.

7.Shockproof, heat resistant, will not break even in heavy blows.

8.Excellent heat resistance, fuel resistance and wear resistance.

9.Applicable even at high currents.


Features of HID:

- High brightness and low power consumption.

- They are closer to natural daylight in terms of color and light.

- Even in bad weather and nights, you can see it clearly.

- They are brighter than halogen lamps.

- Long service life: 5 times longer than ordinary lamps.

- Suitable for motorcycles and cars.

- High quality technology.