The use of car lights

- Oct 25, 2017 -

"Light language" can be used in the night driving, the correct use of light language, you can avoid the occurrence of some accidents, and can play a "reminder", "warning" role.

One, overtaking or green light before the car does not go

Corresponding lights: headlights flash or two down

At the intersection of waiting cars, when the green light, sometimes encountered before the car does not move the situation. Perhaps a novice nervous, slow start, perhaps the driver did not pay attention to the front of the light changes. At this time, after the car will usually take a little action to give each other a little tips. Many people choose crazy horn, but this may play the opposite role. We can use the headlights flash or two, to remind the driver before the car, remember not to be too frequent. Overtaking is the same, you can appropriate flash lights one or two to remind the front driver to avoid or pay attention.

Second, the night when the car will encounter a bright flash

Corresponding lights: headlights flash twice

With the progress of the times, more and more cars on the street are facelift xenon headlamps. The most troublesome thing to drive at night is to meet those who are unscrupulous, high beam to open in the end. In this case we should do? Maybe many people will take the "tooth for a tooth" approach, we fight each other headlamps match the brightness, in fact, we can "harmony" a little, in the car before the distance flash Two lights, remind the other car will switch lights. If the flash has not yet been answered, you can also directly open the high beam, quickly shut down to remind the driver to change the lights.

Third, kindly remind the other driver to pay attention to the state of the car

Corresponding lantern: big lights flash three times, and auxiliary horn reminder

In the process of driving, if you find the front door is not closed, or the tire pressure is insufficient and so on. You can flash to the car in front of three lights, and so before the driver noticed the lights and then flash three lights. If someone flashes you three lights, you have to pay attention, maybe your car out of any problem, after the car is to give you a good reminder. If some drivers do not understand it, you can also use the speaker to remind.

Four, opposite to the car or the car and forget to give instructions to turn

Corresponding lights: headlights flash or two down

During the course of the trip, the opposite of the car and no traffic lights, if the opposite side of the car does not give a turn light tips, it is difficult to judge him straight or turn. At this time, we can flash or two headlights, ask the other driver's intention. There is also a situation, that is, some people like a car across two, or do not turn the lights, and some drivers left about right. At this time, we can use lights to remind or warn the car.

Five, when the vehicle and the road

Corresponding lantern: headlamp flash "agree", headlamp with flash "refused"

In the road or traffic intersection of the road, mutual rush is very dangerous, and the need to merge the car can not be directly forced to change, and encountered a car prompted the need to change the way, is to agree to change the other side, or refused to each other's Request, after the car must give each other a clear tip. If the car does not agree, or if the conditions do not allow, will flash a few headlights that "refused." If the car does not agree, or if the conditions do not allow,

6, to remind pedestrians or non-motor vehicle attention

Corresponding lantern: continuous flashing headlamps, suddenly near the light variable high beam

Night, free cross the road pedestrians and electric bicycles and other non-motor vehicles to the traffic has brought a lot of security risks. At this time, we can only use strobe headlamps, or to low light headlamps way to discourage. To avoid cross-street pedestrians and non-motor vehicles collide with the car.

Seven, out of the alley or vision blind area need to be careful

Corresponding light language: flash three lights, auxiliary horn

Driving in the alley, alley or easy to produce blind areas of vision, to the car or pedestrians can not perceive the alley or small alley to the car situation. So the need to enter the driver, the best way to flash the three big headlamps. To remind the car or pedestrian attention.