OSRAM R & D New Hybrid LED Power Intelligent Headlights

- Oct 24, 2017 -

According to foreign media reports, Osram (Osram) to the intelligent lights technology has taken a big step forward. The company has developed a hybrid LED (hybrid LED), resolution up to 1024 pixels (pixels), and can be a separate control. The future or will be able to use the dynamic way to the cone of light (cone of light) to shape, so that the driver can always have the best lighting conditions, not the front of the vehicle to the vehicle led to the driver dazzled.

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OSRAM Eviyos prototype matrix LED (matrix LED) based on the AFS research project, the project in the fall of 2016, Osram Opto Semiconductors (Osram Opto Semiconductors) coordination, a number of industry companies involved in the research project.

The prototype integrates the light-emitting chip with each pixel-controlled electronics into one component, allowing Eviyos to achieve 1024 pixel levels. Users can change the number of hybrid light-emitting diodes applied and use as a supplement (device) for conventional LEDs, depending on the requirements required for each device.

Under the 11 mA / pixel condition, the minimum luminous intensity of the light source should be 3 lm, and the pixel can also be hazy, and only the luminous dots will be established for a given period of time to ensure that it is always at Lit state, the system energy efficiency is high, at least higher than those of all the pixels are always in the open state of the system, because the former more energy efficient. In addition, optical activation or deactivation can be achieved through the LC intermediate layer.

As early as 2010, OSRAM wanted to put a controllable multi-pixel light source, the company plans to develop a complete product system, and its configuration for different functions. The technology or will be used in other applications, intelligent control and target lighting control in the field of high importance.