Using Flip-chip Technology, Toyota Synthesis Released The First Headlights LED

- Oct 24, 2017 -

According to foreign media reports, Toyota Synthetic Co., Ltd. (Toyoda Gosei Co., Ltd.) developed its first headlamp light-emitting diode (LED). According to its internal test evaluation, this LED brightness and low energy performance has reached the world-class level.

Toyota has adopted the LED blue crystal crystal growth technology (blue LED crystal growth technology), the technology has been developed for many years to enhance the LED light source gallium nitride (gallium nitride, GaN) crystal structure.

In addition, Toyota synthesis also uses flip chip technology (flip-chip technology), cooling effect is good. This type of headlights LED brightness of up to 2300 lm, can be used for dual-function system (bi-functional system), can be used to produce a single light source near light and high beam.

The use of such LED headlights help to reduce the energy consumption of electric vehicles and fuel cell vehicles, is expected to be widely used in the future, is an environmentally friendly products. To meet the needs of users, Toyota synthesis will continue to develop all kinds of headlights LED light source.

With flip chip technology, LED chip will be directly connected with the substrate, no need for this wiring. Compared to the wire bonding, help to enhance its heat dissipation, because the wire bonding need to use the wire to connect the LED chip to the circuit.