Brightest Rear Car Tail Light Bulb 7443

Brightest Rear Car Tail Light Bulb 7443

Name :T20-7443
LED Quantity:12PCS(3020SMD)
Lumens (lm): 660±20
PCB:Aluminum substrate

Product Details

Name :T20-7443

1. LED Quantity:12PCS(3020SMD)

2. Lumens (lm): 660±20

3. Voltage:DC10V-16V

4. PCB:Aluminum substrate

5. Input (mA):450±20

6. Usage: DRL,Brake Light

T20-7443 led fog tail lights bulbs ,long life, no filament structure without fever,flashlight with tail light vehicle control circuit is not easy to oxidation.


Point-to-point welding, the lamp body structure is firm and not easy to damage.

Easy to install, green and environmentally friendly products, safe and reliable. This product does not contain mercury and does not emit ultraviolet (UV) light.

Superior quality and easy to install.

Super High Brightness LED Light.

Low power consumption and high brightness.

Heat resistant to prevent overheating.


Energy saving, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation, shockproof, anti-corrosion; simple installation, plug and play; switch response time is faster, anti-vibration; excellent illumination and stability.